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Greece is a  great destination  for winter holidays. There are hidden treasures all over Greece and its diverse winter scenery will surprise you.

So, what is there for you to discover?

Best Winter Escapes in Greece



Arachova | Central Greece

A cosmopolitan atmosphere in a traditional setting


This trip is pro­posed to those who like the idea of com­bin­ing the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Arachova with ski­ing at Greece’s biggest moun­tain re­sort. In win­ter book ahead for week­ends in Ar­a­cho­va. 163 km from Ath­ens and 10 min be­fore Del­phi, Ar­a­cho­va — with 4,500 in­hab­i­tants — at an al­ti­tude of 1,000 m in the foot­hills of Mount Par­nas­sos, is re­nowned as the most cos­mo­pol­i­tan moun­tain vil­lag­e of Greece. Arachova is the winter -weekend haunt of Athenians.  Very colour­ful, with nar­row lit­tle streets, stone hous­es and a view of the scen­ery of Del­phi, it is the en­ter­tain­ment cen­tre of the dis­trict, on the way to the ski slopes of Par­nas­sos as well as to Del­phi. The area is renowned for its strong red wines , honey, "flokates" (shaggy rugs), woolen weavings and the formaela cheese; all are much in evidence in the roadside shops. TAKE ME  THERE


Kalavryta | Peloponnese

Fashionable in winter


Ka­lav­ry­ta is fash­ion­able in the win­ter months and in ear­ly spring be­cause of its ski re­sort. Most vis­i­tors are winter-sports fans, main­ly from Ath­ens and Pa­tras, en­joy­ing a week­end full of fun and ac­tion.

The mar­vel­lous nat­u­ral scen­ery and old mon­as­ter­ies are a spe­cial at­trac­tion for all age-groups. TAKE ME  THERE



Zagorohoria | Epirus

One of the most beautiful places in Greece to explore all year round.


If nature, tradition and history are among your passions, then you’ll be delighted with this trip. In order to do it justice, you will need at least four days, but a week would between better in order to leave time for some walks we suggest.  Make sure to reserve your hotel room before you set out, since there are only a few  good hotels and they are all small.

A chain of 46 traditional villages in the mountains north of Ioannina, whose natural boundaries are Mts Mitsikelli and Gamila and the Aoos river. Thick pine and fir forests, crystalline streams and stunning scenery — this district never fails to awe the visitor with its majestic virgin natural beauty, impregnable to modern encroachments. The human element, in complete harmony with the environment, is expressed through superb arched stone bridges, imposing mansions built in the austere local style, and lovely old churches. The villages, as far as we know, seem to have been founded around 912. TAKE ME  THERE




Pelion | Thessaly

Magical combination of mountain and sea, wonderful villages that have kept so much of the local colour and traditional architecture.


Tsagarada, Pelion, Thessaly, Greece, Hip Greece

The distinctive Pelion architecture, which reflects influences from Epirus

and the islands, and customs such as the Dionysian revels on May Day

or the special wedding rites, show off the rich traditions of the region. The apple, pear and cherry orchards and olive groves on the lower slopes, the wild poplars, plane trees, beeches and chestnut trees higher up, together with the abundance of herbs, have given Pelion the name “healing mountain”. A multitude of springs, a cool climate and superb views are other features of this idyllic spot, where the gods of Olympus spent their summer holidays. TAKE ME  THERE


Lake Plastira & Agrafa | thessaly

Lake Plastira is probably the most scenic in Greece with exquisite, virgin nature, mountain villages, untouched by time, and fine monasteries and churches.


You can restrict your trip to the tour of Lake Plastira, where there are passable roads and adequate tourist facilities. However if you have hardy means of transport and are thrilled by adventure, it is worth wandering along the narrow, rough dirt-roads of Western Agrafa, where you’ll come across very few other travellers and will forget the sound of automobiles. Petrol is obtainable in Karditsa and Mouzaki. Follow the green routes on the map, which are the most practicable, although there are other wonderful routes in the district.  TAKE ME  THERE


Metsovo | Epirus

You’ll find a revival of tradition, beautifully restored buildings, a ski centre and superlative scenery.


In Metsovo you’ll find a revival of tradition, beautifully restored buildings, a ski centre and superlative scenery. It was no accident that this was the first village in the interior of Greece to develop in the post-war era, while most of the others wasted away or were abandoned. Metsovo is interesting enough to merit a few days’ stay, but it is also a good stop-over on the way to other worthwhile excursions in the region. TAKE ME  THERE


Zarouchla & Lake Tsivlou | Peloponnese

A place for ad­ven­ture. For 4-wheel drives and cross-country bikes over un­paved roads and through small, un­touched ham­lets up in the moun­tains, amidst thick fir and pine fo­rests, ra­vines and slopes, riv­ers, streams and springs.


Lake Tsiv­lou will take you by sur­prise. Most of all, you’ll love get­ting lost on trails that do­n’t ex­ist on any map, but will take you to the ski cen­tre on Hel­mos, to Ka­lav­ry­ta or to Fe­ne­os, which are de­scribed be­low.

The dis­trict is be­com­ing more and more pop­u­lar, so make sure you re­serve your room ahead of time. TAKE ME  THERE


Arcadian Highlands  | Peloponnese

Routes through forests and mountain slopes,  beautiful

and historic mountain villages, hikes in the entrancing landscape of the Loussios river with its gorge and monasteries.


The Arcadian highlands suit those who look for low-cost excursions among natural surroundings and traditional Greek villages, far from mass tourism. You will have the chance to stay in cozy traditional and boutique hotels. There are many choices for great local cuisine. TAKE ME  THERE




















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